Nature and Bushcraft

Being occupied with my other projects is fine and all, but sometimes you just need to be removed from everything and reboot in nature. That’s where my interest/obsession with being outdoors comes in.

When I’m out I try to learn skills and practices that our ancestors used in their daily life. It’s a great way to humble yourself in todays stressful environment. I believe it’s also very valuable for the self-worth of children to practice- and learn these kinds of skills.

IT & Tech

During my free time I enjoy tinkering with a Raspberry Pi, websites and forums. I also try to stay up to date with everything AI. AI really is an incredible tool to become more productive and has helped me immensely both in daily life but also professionally!


I’m running a couple of Discourse forums for companies and organisations on my free time. It’s a great piece of software that is easy to maintain and have a lot of smart functions and addons. If you’re interested in setting one up, shoot me an e-mail!


I’m also very curious about and fascinated by history and our culture. Why we are the way we are and what else we may become. Will AI be the thing that brings us to the next stage of existence or is it just a phase? Are there previous civilisations before us that have gotten to this very same stage that we’ve just “forgotten” about?

So many unanswered questions and so little time!

Thanks for visiting!


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