Bronze Age Mindset by Bronze Age Pervert

ancient man had something you lost: confidence in instincts and strength, knowledge in blood. bap teach set you free

Bronze Age Mindset

Author: Bronze Age Pervert

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Publisher: Independantly published
Publish date: 06/06/2018
Language: English
Pages: 198
ISBN-10: 1 983 090 441

Genres: Culture, Non-Fiction

”Goal is to intimidate Congress with pure masculine show of youth, energy”

From the Back Cover

The Atlantic named this author as possibly Steve Bannon’s contact in the White House (Rosie Gray, The Atlantic Feb 10 2017: ” ‘Think you should speak directly to my WH cutout / cell leader,’ Yarvin said in an email. ‘I’ve never met him and don’t know his identity, we just DM on Twitter. He’s said to be ‘very close’ to Bannon…Goal is to intimidate Congress with pure masculine show of youth, energy. Trump is said to know, will coordinate with powerful EOs…”); and a recent Vox article (Tara Isabella Burton, Vox June 1 2018) claimed that he is the “text” to Jordan Peterson’s “subtext,” and a “distilled” form of Peterson. Distilled means purer: yes, so why not read and understand the purer version? T. I. Burton also adds in this article that this author BAP is a kind of priest-king to thousands on Twitter and outside and is possibly leading a spiritual reawakening.Some say that this book, found in a safebox in the port area of Kowloon, was dictated, because Bronze Age Pervert refuses to learn what he calls “the low and plebeian art of writing.” It isn’t known how this book was transcribed. The contents are pure dynamite. He explains that you live in ant farm. That you are observed by the lords of lies, ritually probed. Ancient man had something you have lost: confidence in his instincts and strength, knowledge in his blood. BAP shows how the Bronze Age mindset can set you free from this Iron Prison and help you embark on the path of power. He talks about life, biology, hormones. He gives many examples from history, both ancient and modern. He shows the secrets of the detrimental robots, how they hide and fabricate. He helps you escape gynocracy and ascend to fresh mountain air.The pricing, he insisted on against all advice. It refers to the lucky 969 Movement of Burma, led by the noble monk Wirathu.Praise be to the Pervert. Praise be to his teaching of peace.Be careful.

My Review

do you want to live the yeast life.

do you want your sons to be raised by the longhouse.

didn’t think so.

yes. hello. i know there are as many takes on bap’s writing as there are readers of his writing. some fall for it immediately. the call for adventure. the boyish charm and search for adventure some few lucky men still possess wherein we dream for the day when we board a pirate ship heading for the caribbean to raid trade vessels and sit on white beaches watching coconut-clad ladies walk past. we dream of a world in which we run dangerous obstacle courses in the jungles of africa together with our band of brothers. there’s a longing in young men today to belong to…something. to create secret organisations, no girls allowed. just like childhood tree houses.

this might sound childish.

grow up.

get job.

live the yeast life.

embrace the longhouse.

it would’ve been. if not for the mere fact that the main function of every society is to keep young men in line. this is done from pre-school and school, to army, and finally the dreaded ‘job’. if you, as man, is unable to adhere to these longhouse rules you’ll be severely punished by the matriarchs of the tribe.

because they know. the prime source of power in the world comes from young men. young men with primal energy. the yeast life must suppress this energy, or be destroyed by it. they try direct it onto other such young men. they direct it onto work. young men who can’t be suppressed or redirected go to jail, or join private armies or such. they must not let you know you possess this power.

young men like this founded rome because they had nothing better to do and wanted ‘fun challenge and girls’.

this is what they fear.

young men with good genes and fizeek is power.

do not suffer the yeast life.

start your local secret society with your equals today.

go on adventure.

build greatness.

be man of power.

5/5 thumbs up!