Ur Vår Jord Podd

During spring 2023 the first episodes from the podcast “Ur Vår Jord Podd” hit podcast players around the country! We primarily focus on topics such as farming, small-scale agriculture, the food of today, and what is actually sustainable today!

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As the expert Alex knows his way around the plot! He has many years of experience in small scale vegetable farming and with food in general! Having worked as chef and now, a restaurant owner, he is an open dictionary for our listeners!


The producer of the podcast and a generally happy hobbyist when it comes to food and growing. He knows his way around the production bit and asks the questions everyone wants to ask but feel are too stupid to do! (For the benefit of the listeners, of course!)😉

While the podcast currently is in Swedish, we are very interested in what is going on in the rest of the world as well! If you have something interesting to share or a subject that you believe would suit us, let us know!